Nothing Can Beat These 7 Remedies If You Have Dandruff!

Is there anyone who likes those snowy flakes falling off the head on their shoulder? Dandruff, that is what they are known as. An itchy scalp is the hallmark of dandruff signaling the degrading hair health. Other symptoms are tingling skin, greasy patches that are sure to trouble your scalp. Try these tested methods to treat dandruff & bid it farewell!

1. Try Tea Tree Oil

This essential oil has some great anti-microbial as well as anti-inflammatory properties that can easily reduce the symptoms & severity of dandruff.

2. Include Apple Cider Vinegar to Your Daily Routine

This kitchen ingredient can effectively balance the pH level of the scalp by removing the dead skin cells. Test-tube studies have shown that it can also prevent the growth of fungus.

3. Increase Your Intake of Omega-3s

The deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids can cause dandruff, dry skin, and dry hair. These are important to reduce the inflammation & boost skin health.

4. Use Baking Soda

Make a paste of baking soda with water & massage into your scalp. This works to exfoliate the skin, thereby removing the dead cells. Its antifungal properties might provide relief from itchiness & irritation.

5. Green Tea

The antioxidant and anti-fungal properties of green tea are quite good to restore your scalp health naturally.

6. Aloe Vera

Not only it is cooling but it acts as a mild exfoliator too. This herb can soothe the irritated scalp and aids it with its cooling effects. No wonder why experts recommend haircare products with aloe vera in it.

7. Try Aspirin

It contains salicylic acid which is effective in treating dandruff and the condition of seborrhoeic dermatitis.


To make your hair healthy, treat the scalp with some goodness & eliminate problematic issues like dandruff. Using expensive products is your choice, but why when you have some magical ingredients around you!

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